Social Services

home 2HAPS has two licensed Master's social workers on staff to help educate and provide support to individuals with Parkinson's disease and their family and friends, as well as the greater community. HAPS social workers can help clients maintain independence for as long as possible and assist with successful management of the disease.  

Depression and Crisis Management

The following list provides some examples of what HAPS social workers can do for you...

  • Client intake
  • General information and referral
  • In-depth, in-home assessments
  • Case management and home safety evaluations
  • Client and family education, client and family consultation, facilitation of family meetings
  • Recommendations about housing options, physician referrals and referrals for home health providers and caregiver services
  • Advocacy for client and family needs
  • Liaison between client and physician.

HAPS contracts with the American Red Cross to provide van rides for those who meet program guidelines and are in need of transportation services to HAPS exercise therapy and support groups and doctor's appointment. Vehicles with special equipment are used to accommodate individuals with special needs.

HAPS provides emergency financial aid of up to $500 per year for visits to neurologists, medications, medical equipment and other needs to those who qualify. To find out more about this program's eligibility guidelines, contact Kathleen Crist, LMSW at 713-626-7114.