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Started in 2011, the Summer Lecture Series, held during the months of June, July, and August provide participants with an opportunity to take a break from the heat and hear experts present on topics relevant to improving everyday life with Parkinson's disease. Previous sessions have included: Therapeutic Arts, What's New in Parkinson's Research, Nutritional Tips, Cognition and Parkinson's, Depression and Anxiety, and more...

Immediately following the educational session is a movement lab featuring a different exercise discipline. The movement lab portion offers the oppurtunity to get moving and try something new such as dance, tai chi, yoga, or music therapy. As always, these events are free of charge, but only take place in the summer. Check back for our 2020 schedule, soon to be released.

This year's program was as follows. We thank our generous sponsors. 

June 13th

presented by Desiree Thomas, MD, Danielle Devour, MA-CCC, SLP and Megan Joseph, ME-CCC, SLP

This presentation will address and explain changes that can occur with speech, swallowing and voice related to Parkinson's disease and provide compensatory strategies you can use to address these issues.

Movement lab featuring Exercise with Maggie Abbott, PT, DPT

This event is now over.  Click here to download the program and speaker handouts. View the archived video on our YouTube channel. 


July 11th 

presented by Olga Waln, MD

This session will review current information on epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of Orthostatic Hypertension including simple strategies that can be adopted to cope with low blood pressure.

Movement lab featuring Boxing with Pat Johnson

Registration for this event is now closed. Click here to download the Program Packet for the July educational session. If you missed the live event, you can find the archived video on our YouTube channel at a later date.


August 15th - VIA LIVE WEBINAR

The Gut and Parkinson's
presented by Herbert Dupont, MD

This session will provide an overview of link between the gut and the brain in Parkinson's disease.

Movement lab featuring PWR! with Andrea Ward

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