home 3HAPS provides numerous programs thoughout the year to educate and raise awareness about Parkinson's disease. Some programs are intented for specific audiences and others are open to anyone interested in attending and learning more. See more information below...


conference logo newHouston Area Parkinson Society held the 7th Caregiver Conference on Saturday, November 10th at United Way. This special, full-day educational event is designed exclusively for those caring for individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD). The program hosted 150 registrants and offered participants helpful, practical information that is important to understanding and managing care of someone with PD. Caregivers had the opportunity to learn new skills and discover local resources in an environment where caregivers could connect with others to learn together and learn from each other. This year's program sessions were recorded and will be archived on online. Please check back. We will post them as soon as they are available. 

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The 8th Annual Summer Lecture Series has wrapped up. Started in 2011, this series, held during the months of June, July and August, provides participants an opportunity to take a break from the heat and hear experts present on topics relevant to improving everyday life with Parkinson's disease. This year's sessions were held Saturday, June 2nd, July 14th, and August 4th.

If you were unable to attend this year's programs and would like copies of the information presented, please contact the HAPS office and we can send you the information. 

Stay tuned for more details about the 2019 Summer Lecture Series. 


Biennially, HAPS offers a full-day symposium, featuring local and national experts in the field of Parkinson's who are familiar with the latest in Parkinson's research, treatment and disease management strategies and is presented at no charge to attendees.

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Houston Area Parkinson Society offers an educational program developed specifically for those who have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The four-hour program is designed as a "Parkinson's 101" course for individuals who have been diagnosed within the past three years and their family members or friends who want to learn more about the disease.

Nina Brown has been a tireless advocate for the Parkinson's community and for medical research since she was first diagnosed in 1985. For about 15 years, Nina has served on the HAPS Board of Advisors as well as the Board of Directors as a member of the Executive Board as vice president and secretary, and as editor of HAPS monthly newsletter.

HAPS strongly supports research relevant to the study of the cause(s) and treatment of Parkinson's disease with the hope that the cure will be found in the very near future.

HAPS understands that many individuals with Parkinson's disease and their family members in our community are interested in the current research and clinical trials being done in the field of Parkinson's disease.