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Get ready for the 9th Annual HAPS Summer Lecture Series. Started in 2011, this series, held during the summer months provides participants with an opportunity to take a break from the heat and hear experts present on topics relevant to improving everyday life with Parkinson's disease. This year's sessions will be held Saturday, June 22nd and July 13th. This summer our Biennial Educational Symposium, ENGAGE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, will be held on Satuday, August 10th.

We invite you to join us for the lecture and stay for the movement lab immediately following the educational session. The movement lab portion offers the oppurtunity to get moving and try something new.

These events are free of charge, but registration is required. If you are interested in transportation from an outlying area, please indicate that on your registration form. 

This year's program is as follows. We thank our generous sponsors. 

June 22nd

presented by Melissa Jones, MD

This presentation will address and explain symptoms of depression and anxiety and how these issues can impact the lives of individuals with Parkinson's. 

Movement lab featuring Tai Chi with Geeta Akolkar


July 13th 

presented by Arjun Tarakad, MD

This session will review the latest information on what happens in the Parkinson's brain. Discussions to improve understanding on topics such as of the role of genetics, alpha synuclein, prodromal Parkinson’s, and more will be included.

Movement lab featuring Dance for Parkinson's with Jennifer Sommers


Registration is now open!

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