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Impact has different definitions to different people and in different contexts. Impact may be thought of as force, influence, meaning, or significance. It can be conceptualized as the long-term effect of an outcome or something we hope to achieve. Whether it is programmatic planning or overarching organizational theory, HAPS considers impact in all the things we do. We use impact as our compass as we develop and implement programs and services; it is how we evaluate our work and where we find our inspiration. To HAPS, impact also means innovative, transformative, and catalytic, as well as, empowering, sustaining and supportive.


In 2018, HAPS proudly provided 59,638 total hours of service to those with Parkinson's disease and their family members. HAPS furnished free transportation to 110 riders who took a total of 1,405 trips to and from doctor appointments and HAPS groups. Fifteen eligible clients received a total of $5,000 in emergency funds to assist with medications, medical equipment or groceries. In addition to nearly 100 home visits completed by social workers, our 2018 Annual Summer Lecture Series, PD 101 program for those who have been recently diagnosed, and Caregiver Conference provided 490 individuals with 3,396 hours of education.

Through various evaluations, you reported that after participating in or receiving these services, you felt more connected to others, better educated and prepared for the future, less isolated, and more confident in your ability to manage your disease. Impact goes far beyond outcomes. It is the real-life difference something or someone makes. HAPS is reminded every day of the impact our clients have on the trajectory, depth, quality and richness of what we do. Each person who shows up and shares a part of who they are gives our programs meaning and perhaps, without knowing it, contributes greatly to their success.

Donors too, have impact when they contribute to the organization creating the opportunity to connect more people to greater resources. As we endeavor to grow, expand and meet the ever increasing needs of our community we are asking for your assistance. The story we tell funders isn't about HAPS, it is about you. We work to promote understanding of the disease and how it affects the lives of those who are living with it, but we also strive to provide a bigger picture of what life with Parkinson's can be.

As we work to create the narrative of HAPS, we recognize that it is your voice that can best tell our collective story. We want to hear from you–we would like to formally capture what so many of you have shared with us in passing. Let us know how what impact HAPS has made on your life. You can send your story, of any length, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or regular mail to the HAPS office. Help us tell our story by sharing yours.